About Us

Our mission is to inspire our customers to embrace their uniqueness, creativity, and style through jewelry. We specialize in delicate and sophisticated pieces that are designed to make you feel confident about who YOU really ARE. That's why everything is custom made for you. We believe everyone has a unique style, so our goal is for each customer's jewelry collection to reflect their own personal style! Whatever style it is, we want every person here at Diamondful, to wear something they love on themselves – because after all-that's what counts!

Our Promise

As the world's most beautiful diamonds are carefully selected for you to love them forever. We offer a stunning selection of natural earth mined diamond pieces as well lab-grown and gemstone - each one unique, because it has been handpicked by our GIA-certified specialist who knows what’s best!


It’s important to us that our diamonds are 100% conflict-free. We support the work of the international Kimberley Process which monitors the origin of rough diamonds to ensure that diamond sales are not being used to finance conflicts.

We take pride in making sure every piece is individually designed and crafted for YOU, with OUR attention to detail unparalleled anywhere else--from engagement rings and fine jewelry that's made just the way you want it! The best part? You get all this quality service at an affordable price because we're one of those smaller companies.

Ethically Sourced

Made To Order

Insured Shipping

Meet Armin

Armin, the founder of Diamondful, shares a passion for fine things matched by the love for his family and friends, which is why he's always been on this enterprise mission to create memories--memories passed down through generations like luxury items should be!

If you're looking for someone who can help, make your dream fine jewelry become a reality with their years-long experience and expertise - look no further! Armin has graduated from Gemological Institute of America with a degree which makes him a diamond and gemstone expert. He has been able to identify any kind of diamond as well precious gems too so don't worry if someone wants something unique because he'll do anything that's needed on his end before it even leaves his store in order to satisfy customer’s needs by making sure every detail goes through carefully from start to finish.

Each unique design is inspired by the latest fashion trends and timeless designs that can be both trendy and last through future decades.