FAQ Customer Care

Please contact customer service to schedule a showroom
appointment or get assistance with shipping your jewelry for inspection,
repair, and cleaning.

When we receive your jewelry for inspection, our expert
staff will examine each piece and provide you with a quote to repair it. Once approved by the customer (you), then they'll instruct their workshop accordingly in order make sure that all repairs are done right!

We're always happy to help! If you choose not to accept the
repair, we will coordinate return shipping back with no work done.

Your jewelry deserves the best care possible. We will inspect your pieces to make sure they are in tip-top shape! You can get an inspection with complimentary ultrasonic cleaning by simply bringing them into our showroom today - we recommend that you do this annually.

If you would like to ship us your engagement ring or other
Diamondful jewelry for inspection and cleaning, please contact our Customer Service to assist.

We recommend that if you notice any signs of damage or shock on your diamond, it should be examined by us before being worn.

You can always rely on us for quality service! Once we know what type of repair or modification your jewelry needs, our experienced staff members will give you a quote. Once approved by yourself- they'll perform the work as quickly and efficiently so that no time is wasted in getting it back to you!

When you're ready to put a ring on it, we know that means something special. That's why our master jewelers are here for all your adjustments and considerations so they can make sure the perfect fit is achieved with ease!

Your ring should fit snug but comfortably. It should slide on easily, and you'll have to pull a little bit for it off. If your ring is uncomfortably tight or it slips off with no resistance at all, your ring should be sized.

 There are many reasons why fingers may change in size. Some of these include cold weather, salt intake, alcohol, pregnancy, or weight loss for example - all these can lead to an increase in the circumference around your finger! We highly recommend limiting the frequency of sizing your ring, since every resizing negatively affects the strength of the metal.

You're not satisfied? No problem! Your first re-sizing and shipping both ways are complimentary within the first six (6) months of delivery.