The excellence and workmanship of our products are guaranteed by us. All of Diamondful's exquisite jewelry comes with a complimentary lifetime guarantee against manufacturing flaws.

We advise you to get in touch with us so we can inspect your item if you encounter manufacturing-related damage to your purchase. Before sending your item to Diamondful for assessment, a $75 deposit will be required. This covers the expense of mailing the item and the cost of our professional jewelers evaluating it to see whether the damage is warranted. For all warrantied repairs, this charge is completely reimbursed. For all warranty repairs, we also provide free delivery back to the consumer. Before work is started on repairs not covered by the lifetime guarantee, a fee will be offered to the customer for approval.

If a problem with the warranty is discovered, Diamondful will fix the damage covered by the guarantee at no cost.

The guarantee will be invalidated if work is done by a jeweler other than Diamondful. All fine jewelry is susceptible to damage from everyday use, activities, or accidents. Given that hands are used often and are put under strain on a regular basis, this is particularly true with rings. Theft, loss of the product, gemstone loss, normal wear & use, and product loss are not covered by our manufacturer guarantee. Coverage also excludes harm or loss brought on by a failure to get the repairs needed to maintain the jewelry's integrity.

The following are a few instances of typical jewelry problems that are not manufactured defects:

The tarnishing of precious metals brought on by chemicals, cosmetics, swimming or using a hot tub, bathing, washing hands, and hand sanitizer.

Prongs made of precious metals, in particular, corrode with time and may need to be restored as part of routine wear.

Due to typical wear and tear or damage, prongs might catch, deteriorate, or bend over time, causing a gemstone to fall or become loose.

The disappearance of a gemstone due to wear and tear from daily life or other harm.

Diamondful provides extended treatments that address several typical wear-and-tear concerns for an extra fee. To assist cover severe loss, theft, or damage to your jewelry, we advise that you have independent insurance coverage in place. Contact us if you would like further details.


We do not offer warranties on things not bought from Diamondful, and lifetime warranties are not transferable.


Each time of resizing after the first time is subject to a resizing price and shipping charge of $75, which you may contact our customer care due to the uniqueness of each item if applicable. Free resizing is applied once only within 30 days of the order being received.